The size fits 0-3 months but I have seen them last up until 4 months! It really differs with each babe so I can’t guarantee they will last until 4 months. These cocoons are amazing for photo props, take to the hospital with you or to simply snuggle up in! I personally wasn’t a pro at using the normal swaddle blankets, so I wanted to come up with a way that would be easy for all moms, plus how adorable are they!?

Curious how they work? Just bunch the swaddle up with your hands (like you were about to put a sock on), then start from the babies feet and work your way up to his or her shoulders! There are no zippers, no velcro or snaps. These are designed to be so soft, stretchy and comfortable for your baby!

Violet Rose Cacoon Swaddle 3 set


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